How to buy agile teams

Digitalisation may bring unexpected challenges to your organisation. That's why we have prepared a white paper which will support you in your effort to better respond to those challenges. You will learn, for example, how you can focus on continuity and productivity in your agile teams.

Download your white paper: How to buy agile teams - accelerating digitalisation

Accelerating digitalisation is a challenge. Meeting that challenge head on by adopting agile ways of working is today more rule than exception.

The aim of this white paper about agile teams is to support private and public sector organisations in their efforts to better respond to the challenges of digitalisation.

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What you will learn


Basics of Agile

When shifting to agile or strengthening your delivery capacity with agile teams, it is important to understand agile software development and how agile works.


Best practice

We share the lessons we have learnt from more than 70 deliveries of agile teams to engage in more in-depth dialogue with our clients.


6 step process 

The process is based on Cybercom’s experience
accumulated from a wide range of clients that buy agile teams to handle their development needs.