Secure Public Cloud

Are you familiar with what it takes to deploy business-critical service on a public cloud?

We have prepared this white paper for you to give a broad overview of different topics in the secure cloud adoption context.
It will provide you with the strategic level overview of the considered subjects when deploying business-critical services on top of public cloud infrastructures. Including important topics like cloud security, data protection and auditing.


Secure Public Cloud - from strategy to implementation 

The topics are covered as seen by the top three major cloud service providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud:

  • The governance model around cloud migration
    and adoption process
  • The public cloud security aspect
  • The testing phase

Ensure your secure public cloud journey - download the white paper and learn more.

What you will learn


Governance Model

A governance model with policies, which promote the correct way of doing things and discourages incorrect practices, is an essential item to have successful governance in place.



Design your security approach to complement Cloud Service Provider based security services and tools.




Conduct external penetration testing, and vulnerability regularly scans to enumerate the possible attack vectors e.g.

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