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Migrating your enterprise workloads to AWS Cloud


Transitioning to AWS cloud gives you the flexibility to scale up and innovate faster while optimizing costs and increasing security. But finding the best way to move your organization’s enterprise workloads to the cloud is a challenge.

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This event was held 19th November 2020.

Join us and learn the latest insights and concrete advice for migrating your enterprise workloads to AWS cloud.

We’ll run through frameworks, tools, and financial incentives that will enable you to fast-track your transition to the cloud. Rolf Koski, CTO at Cybercom AWS Business Group, will be hosting the session and guest speakers from Valmet, AWS, and Cybercom will join the show. We’ll answer all your AWS cloud migration questions during a live Q&A.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to identify and quantify your business driver for migrating to the cloud and create and validate the business case like a pro.
  • Which accelerators and tools are at your disposal to make the transition as efficient and agile as possible.
  • How you can leverage partners to empower your existing talent and ensure the success of the transition.

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Rolf Koski
CTO, Cybercom AWS Business Group
Rolf has vast experience in both cloud architectures and implementation, as well as cloud strategy and governance work.

Ville Kauppinen

Director, AUT Business Infra Team at Valmet
Hany El-Haridy
Microsoft Platform Specialist, Amazon Web Services
Hany is a Microsoft platform specialist at Amazon Web Services for the Nordics
Sami Lehtinen
Senior Cloud Advisor, Cybercom AWS Business Group
Sami is a technology enthusiast and public speaker and writer with nearly 20 years of experience in Cloud platforms and architecture.
Jaakko Kontiainen
Head of Business Development, Cybercom AWS Business Group
Jaakko is an enthusiastic and driven executive with a broad international experience. advisory, leadership and board duty in start-up and growth companies to management and leadership positions

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